February 14, 2018

Benefits Of Joining Oriflame

Benefits of Joining Oriflame

Whether you are a housewife or working man/woman or student or business person, you are most welcome to join Oriflame as a consultant. If you have the  dream and passion of achieving something extra ordinary in life, then here you are at the right place!

Do you want to know the benefits of joining Oriflame? So here we go;

1) Set up your own business with zero investment and big returns;

Set up your own business and travel across the globe every year. As a consultant you will get additional 20% discount on each and every Oriflame product. For the initial 3 months of joining known as welcome program, you will get gifts on completion of 100 business points. You can earn up to 22% commission on BP or business points, which is a huge sum of money! You get monthly commission which is based on your group sales. There are also business class and super business class offers on which you can get any two or three Oriflame beauty products at 40% discount each.

2) Make money, only sky is the limit.

  • Immediate Profit;
For example, your friend has ordered a beauty product, catalogue price of that product is 1000rs, you will get 1000rs from your friend and send only 800rs to the company. your consultant price to get that beauty product is only 800rs and you get Immediate Profit of  200rs. Isn't It so wonderful!

  • Commission;
Every product we order will have BP or business points. BP are the basis for calculation of commission. You will get monthly commission on your group sales, higher the group sales, higher is the commission.

  • Bonus;
After achieving a certain level in the company, you will be eligible for amazing cash price!

3) You can also start as a part timer and then become a full timer.

You can utilize your free time in this business. you can work  as and when you want. Once you start earning lot of income, you may then start your business as a full timer.

4) Anybody can start this business.

No matter if your a fresher or a student or a house wife or a working man/woman or want to work from home, you are welcome in this business to achieve your dreams and get higher levels of income.

5) You are your own boss!

 Isn't that so pleasing to hear! I certainly think it is. You can work as per your timings and flexibility. You can develop your career as a manager or a director in Oriflame and travel across the globe.

With Oriflame invest zero and earn lots. Make money today, fulfil your dreams tomorrow. I am there here to give you all help and guidance so just leave a message or call me on 09137066930. You can also write to me at  neelam.bangera@gmail.com

Apart from the above benefits of joining Oriflame, it's fun and to be a part of this No. 1 beauty cosmetic world.

Know How To Join Oriflame And Make Money


Oriflame is a leading beauty company selling direct and is present in more than 60 countries, of which it is market leader in more than half. Oriflame has its origin from Sweden with corporate offices in Switzerland. It offers a wide range of high quality beauty products as well as a unique opportunity to join their sales force and start your own business.

Want to understand benefits of joining Oriflame in a better way? Then have a look at this video!

Hope you have enjoyed the video!

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