April 16, 2018

Join Oriflame Membership

Join Oriflame Membership

Are you interested to earn extra income through Oriflame membership?

You can not only earn from Oriflame but also build your career with proper guidance and support. Share your dreams with me and I will help you to achieve it!

I can connect you directly with Oriflame India company and you can explore this opportunity!

Oriflame is one of the most profitable multi level company.  You can work online or from home and earn good stable income.

I update Oriflame latest offers/catalogue/updates on my Facebook page Beauty & Wellness.

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Every month there are new and amazing gifts in Oriflame. There are wide varieties of products including Skin-care, Make-up, Cosmetics, Wellness, Accessories. Oriflame Catalogue is like multi brand mall in your hands. Every month there is excitement for every new Catalogue.

On top of all these there is an excellent income opportunity. It is very important to get hold of right leaders in Oriflame, who will impart good Oriflame Business Strategy and inspire you to achieve your dreams and goals.

Oriflame has the hottest websites, each time you log into your account, you can click on various sections and learn a lot about Products, Training and Selling skills. In addition to this, from time to time we also arrange special programs and meetings focusing on a variety aspects of Oriflame business.

I know you are excited to get started with Oriflame membership. All you need is to fill the form below:

How to be successful in Oriflame after joining Oriflame Membership?

All you need is;
  • 5 to 10 Oriflame catalogues
  • Training and coaching from your upline leader
  • Updates of latest trend, fashion, offers and business plan in Oriflame [Check out my Instagram page]
  • Last but not least, knowledge about how to work on internet (digital marketing)

This is all you ever need to start flow of income from Oriflame. No need to stock any products with you as it keeps your money stuck and makes you wonder how to get your hard earned money back, instead of planning to grow your business. I will teach you a simple system of how to make money with Oriflame!

Just to share with you, one more person (who is a Housewife) became Manager in my team last week. You will know why so many people get fast success in Oriflame with my system after you join Oriflame membership and become a part of my network.

Have a look at this quick video;


A few weeks ago I was attending the success workshop by my upline leader. One of my learning's from that program was a brand new working model that anyone can use and increase income in Oriflame. I have implemented the things I learnt from my upline. This generates more customers for me and builds interest in them about what we are doing.

We are just a couple of weeks into it and it feels like we have already cracked the code of residual monthly income from Oriflame business. Be sure to jump into my team and learn all about the way to increase your cash income and cheque income as you grow in Oriflame.

Do watch this below video about benefits of joining Oriflame membership;

Find More About Oriflame Membership Fee And Terms

Know All About Oriflame Membership 2018

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My Success Story

I always wanted to become an Entrepreneur, fulfil all my dreams and go for a world tour!!!
I started my career with Jet Airways as a Flight Attendant.

I used to fly domestic as well as abroad. My job was glamorous at the same time hectic. Glamorous as in, I needed to always look attractive & being at service for our guests on board in rotational shifts (including night shifts), sometimes also had to be away from home on duty for days. We also had flight safety + medical aspects to deal with on board. I enjoyed my time over there but I had a big picture in my mind as in I had a bigger aim in my life.

Once I came across with one my friend who shared Oriflame catalogue to recommend skin care products to me. I liked them, then I started using Oriflame products. Indeed the products gave me superb results. I first bought Novage bright sublime set, which not only made my skin glow but also gave a smooth texture to it.

Gradually I started exploring Oriflame opportunity online as I was already impressed with Oriflame products. I found Oriflame opportunity to be an amazing Career Opportunity. so I decided to give few hours daily for this Oriflame opportunity.

As I started Oriflame, my upline leader Ms Jashmi & Sachin Sir gave me proper guidance which was very much needed in the start. Gradually they made me understand Oriflame Success plan.

I started attending online webinars, started learning new things each new day. I liked meeting new people, interacting with them, making friends, building good relations, and also advising them with various skin care products. By this time I not only made money but also good friends in Oriflame.
later I started writing blogs and giving full time to Oriflame online via digital marketing, which gave a boom to my career.

Then I started full time 'work from home'!

I resigned from Flight Attendant job as I already started earning good & stable income, where I was my own boss with flexible work timings.

I exclaimed to myself when I first became Senior Manager.
"This is the place where I always wanted to be, I got recognized on stage, I got Bonus along with good Incentives, I got the opportunity to attend Oriflame National Seminars, I got appreciated by Oriflame management team & my family & friends for my achievements". It did not stop there, after few months I achieved Director level in Oriflame. I got cash award with the opportunity to attend international conferences. I was recognized on stage before thousands of people. I still remember the moment when I had tears of happiness in my eyes, it was overwhelming moment! It was like dream come true !
Director@Oriflame Neelam Bangera

It is my privilege to share with others whatever I have learnt through my successful journey. I like to inspire people and make their lives successful and I am very keen about it.

I want ambitious people in my team.
Are you any of these below???

#Are you ambitious?
#Do you aspire to earn good and stable income?
#Do you want to be your own boss?
#Do you want flexible work timings?
#Do you want to work from home?
#Do you want to see the world?

If any of these answer is "YES" then you are welcome to join My team of successful people. Will definitely support and guide you.

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone!

Oriflame is an opportunity to hundreds and thousands of women & men to grow their career. Grab It Now!!!

Fill This form Below;


Call On 08595965242

To buy Oriflame products or to join Oriflame you can call on 08595965242

If you want to join Oriflame membership then you can also message me your Name, City & Mobile number on 08595965242

To Order Oriflame Products or find an Oriflame consultant near you contact me on the above given number.

If you have any questions just leave your comments and I will reply to your comments.

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Neelam Bangera

Independent Oriflame Director

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