April 14, 2018

Oriflame Versus Avon

Oriflame Versus Avon

Oriflame and Avon are two well know companies of Beauty Product. Many people want to know what is common between Oriflame and Avon and what are the points on which they differ from each other. Today I am going to tell you the similarities and differences in both. Before you choose one of them it is very important to know what is available with both companies.

Oriflame Versus Avon

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The points common between Oriflame and Avon are;
  • No joining fee in both companies
  • Both have similar product range
  • Both are direct selling companies
  • In both you can make unlimited direct down line
  • Both have more than 900 products
  • Both companies have online ordering facility
  • Both companies have online reports


Have a look at differences in Oriflame and Avon;

  • Oriflame gives flat 20% discount on each and every product where as Avon has a slab discount of 15% to 30%  based on your total sales amount
  • Oriflame gives income till end number of down line generation levels whereas Avon gives you only till three down line generation level only
  • In Oriflame you can earn up to 22% on sales done by your direct down line whereas in Avon you can earn up to 6% on the sales by your direct down line
  • In Oriflame you can start earning as soon as you have one direct down line whereas in Avon you start earning as sales leader when you have minimum five direct down line 
  • In Oriflame there are 19 levels of leadership positions whereas in Avon there are only 4 levels of leadership position
  • Oriflame gives seven crores in bonus as one reaches the highest level whereas in Avon the bonus amount is under five lakhs only 
  • Oriflame offers on the spot pick-up of products from their offices, while in Avon this facility is unavailable.
  • In Oriflame all consultants can recruit other new joining, in Avon only leaders can recruit but no representatives can recruit 
  • In Oriflame you can send SMS to all your team members, in Avon there is no such facility'
  • In Oriflame you can order anytime, any number of orders. In Avon you can order only four times a month.
  • Oriflame has 2-3 days of order cycle, whereas Avon has seven days of order cycle
  • Potential income at highest leadership level as per the minimum required structure for that level is approximately 3.5 Crores per year in Oriflame and in Avon it is approximately 25 lakh per year

Oriflame Versus Avon
These points are based on my own calculations, opinions, experience and observations. I have tried to be as objective as possible. These points are subject to change based on the changes made by both the companies in their product, process, compensation and incentive plans. If you would like to contribute by adding content to this post please write to me at neelam.bangera@gmail.com or add a comment below.

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