May 24, 2018

Oriflame India Membership Benefits

Oriflame India Membership Benefits

Oriflame India Membership Benefits are fabulous and amazing. Anyone can take this opportunity of joining Oriflame and get these amazing benefits. No matter where you live in India, You are eligible for all Oriflame India Membership benefits. Do like and follow my Facebook page 'Beauty & Wellness' for latest Oriflame India offers and discounts.

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Oriflame India Membership Benefits:

  • Oriflame joining is now free in India. Investment is zero is this business but you can earn lots.

  • As an Oriflame member you will get 20% discount on each and every Oriflame product.

  • Every month there is some or other gift offer in Oriflame so be ready to get new gifts each month. Even if you miss one this month, the other one will be ready for you in next month. There are also gift offers for you on recruiting new people in your team. So in this way your team also grows and so your income.

  • You are entitled to get gifts on certain points of Oriflame orders for first three months of joining. These gifts are amazing. As you complete 100 points within 30 days of your joining, you get your first gift. As you complete 100 points in next calendar month, you get your 2nd gift. As you complete 100 points again in the next calendar month, you get 3rd gift.

  • In addition to gifts and discounts, Oriflame also has Business Class and Super Business Class offers just for Oriflame members.
  1. Business Class;
    Complete 150 points in this month and get any 2 products worth 1000+ of your choice at 40% discount in the next month.
  2. Super Business Class;
    Complete 200 points in this month and get any 3 products worth 1000+ of your choice at 40% discount in the next month.
    In this way, every month as a consultant you can get high value product at 40% discount by doing 150 or 200 points. This offer is valid as long as you are a consultant.

  • You are the boss. It is easy to start. There is no risk. You decide how much time you want to give and you can work from anywhere you want. So this business is quite flexible.

  • Being an Oriflame member is lot of fun. You will get chance to interact with new people, make new friends, build new relationships, travel around the world and enjoy beauty events and exciting activities. 

  • Your income in Oriflame will keep growing with constant efforts and endeavor. This can build a better future. You can start your business with zero investment and get a chance to explore this world.

In addition to everything above, you also become financially independent with personal and professional development and you also get recognized for your achievements in Oriflame. You can also know more about Oriflame India membership fee and terms. Click here to know how to join Oriflame and make money.

Join my team of Oriflame and I will share all secrets with you of achieving higher levels in Oriflame and you will start getting good income of more than 35,000rs per month. By following my guidance in Oriflame many people in different cites have started getting a good income package monthly.

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